June 1, 2013

Easy Cole Slaw Recipe


This is a really yummy recipe for a summer time staple - Cole Slaw.  Although, we eat it year round, I thought it would be a good summertime share!  Quick and easy to make, very few ingredients, and everyone LOVES it!  We love it paired with BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.....I'll have to share that recipe with you sometime as well.

So here's what you need:

A bag of pre cut cole slaw - love this stuff.  It makes this recipe very quick and easy.  Vinegar - I like the apple cider, mayo, sugar and black pepper.

Dump the cole slaw in a bowl and set aside

In a smaller bowl, add 2/3 Cup mayo

1/4 Cup sugar

2 Tblsp vinegar

stir until well blended and smooth

add black pepper to taste

stir to blend in again

now at this point, you can taste the sauce to determine if you need more vinegar or pepper.  This is the perfect blend for me, but adjust as needed to your taste!  Pour over cole slaw

Stir well to completely distribute the sauce.  It will seem a little dry at first, but the cabbage will start to reduce a little and it will be easier to stir and mix.  This is fabulous on BBQ sandwiches or just by itself as a side dish.  Enjoy!

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